Bob Nold. Kind of a lumpy name, never much liked the last, Germanic, name, and the first, well, I’m stuck with that, too.

I was fortunate enough to be able to indulge in early retirement, so I don’t do much of anything except gardening.  After I retired in 2007 there was some talk (all coming from me) of moving to the West Coast, where I grew up, but I rarely get around to doing anything, and when my wife died suddenly in 2009 it was clear to me that staying in the house she made so cozy for the two of us was my only realistic option.

So I tend a weed-choked garden on the extreme western suburbs of Denver, Colorado. The weeds are not entirely my fault, as the garden borders a “green belt” (a weedy flood plain only too eager to share its extra plants with me.

There are some books associated with my name; Penstemons, Columbines, and High and Dry. These are out of print, but the first two are available as print-on-demand, without my wife’s watercolors.

I also contributed to the American Horticultural Society’s A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants, am a member of the Cactus and Succulent Society, the British Cactus and Succulent Society, the Alpine Garden Society, the North American Rock Garden Society, the Scottish Rock Garden Club, etc. etc.



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  2. Julianne Jones says:

    All the way over here in Australia, this blog makes my working day so much brighter.

  3. Hi Bob. I just stumbled upon your blog and I love the information on it. I own a landscaping business in Denver and would LOVE to tour your garden. Would you be willing to give me and a couple of my crew members a tour? We are lovely guests…

  4. Kevin Pykkonen says:

    Dear Master of Chess,
    Last April I planted a Las Pilitas (Bert Wilson RIP…) Arctostaphylos pungens in my Boulder yard, and looking at it now am wondering if it made it through the flood and tough winter. If it goes gentle into that good night I am thinking of trying another. Have you had success with it? If not then I guess I can rage, rage against the dying of the light, or maybe try an A. patula? Looking for one with more of an upright habit, I guess no chance of an A. glauca in these parts…

  5. Kevin Pykkonen says:

    Kelly just stuck a striking A. pungens in the Schoolhouse garden, mentioned it was an Allan Taylor selection but alpine in origin so he was circumspect about how it will do in our clay. I’m hopeful. Original subject of this post not perking up with warming weather…

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  7. Michele B says:

    Hi Bob!
    I got to be outside all day today! Hooray! Mani is adorable! Im sure you boys will do just fine.

  8. Dave B says:

    Greetings from Madison, WI.,
    Stumbled onto your blog the other day, while looking for information on the Jerry Morris Collection. I found one of the dwarf pines at our favorite nursery and couldn’t resist. I was intrigued by your title and was surprised to be greeted by one of Mani’s little adventures! My wife and I, over the last 35 years, have lived through 5 Aussies, God help us! Mani brought back fond memories of my last constant companion, Cooper. I miss him everyday.

    I had a question about the pine? It’s been in the ground now for about 2 weeks and it’s color is not the dark green i’m accustomed to. Also has some needle browning i’m a little worried about it. I’ve read various things, but was curious what you thought, if I may ask?

    My wife and I are very envious of your garden and we both look forward to the continued adventures of Mani and yourself.

    Thanks for brightening our day,

    Dave B

  9. vivianswift says:

    Hi Bob — I wanted to let you know that I gave the name of your blog to a features writer for the Chicago Tribune website & newspaper. I was being interviewed about my new garden book and we were talking about the garden writers I admire and I mentioned you (and Eleanor Perenyi). And then I thought well, maybe you don’t want to be “out there”, so I’m running this by you so if there’s a problem I can reel it in before anything is published. I hope I have not been too blabby.

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