the return of autumn

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here today to talk a little bit about weather which some of you might find pretty peculiar. You may remember me from such posts as “The Haunted Toaster”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.I guess I don’t need to say that the snow has mostly melted, much to the delight of someone I know. The garden looked like this, yesterday. Kind of brown. 

There’s a squirrel in this picture. I like to bark at them, a lot. The guy I live with says that can be annoying. Like he doesn’t make a lot of noise.There are crocuses in flower now, too. But I should go back to the couple of days before Halloween, to show how much it snowed, and how cold it got. Down to one degree, the night before Halloween. Of course I am super tough and like the cold, though my paws did ice up once or twice on my walks. The guy I live with reached down and cleared the ice from my paws, and we kept going.

He got a shipment of cyclamen, too; the cyclamen were mailed on Monday when it was just pretty cold, and were delivered on Thursday, when it was less cold, but it had been super cold in between. The cyclamen were perfectly fine.

This is that willow that hangs over the canal road. Then, like I said, it warmed up. The guy I live with went to the local rock garden chapter banquet on Saturday, with his friend, leaving me at home for an awfully long time, but I know he’s really happy when he’s with her, and that’s okay with me.

The weather has been mostly nice, ever since.  The leaves in the big cottonwood didn’t turn, they’re just dried, and rattle in the wind. The sound is so loud we can hear it in the kitchen, with the back door open, of course. Sort of a rushing sound, like water from the creek going into the culvert. We’re getting more aerial visitors, too. You can see that I notice such things. We purebred border collies are excellent noticers of things. This is what I was looking at, in the neighbors’ yard.It was a nice sunset that evening, too. When the weather is pleasant, the guy I live with isn’t as sad as when it’s all snowy. But, and I thought this was pretty interesting, he realized today that a lot of this isn’t sadness, it’s what you might call left over anxiety from when he worked outside and had to drive on icy roads. He was sometimes stuck outside late at night, in below zero weather. Sometimes on telephone poles, even.
Maybe that’s one reason why he likes to be at home with me, all cozy and everything, lying under the covers in bed, with me right next to him.
I know that Chess, the purebred border collie who lived here before me, talked about the pre-bedtime nap, which is “a valuable addition to our modern lifestyle”, and I should explain that when we’re watching Monty Python, the guy I live with is lying on the bed with his clothes on, and a blanket over him, so it really isn’t bedtime, just the pre-bedtime nap, which is a preparation for bedtime. Like you get used to lying there, and warm up the bed a lot.
But sometimes he falls asleep, and then wakes up, because I have to go out, at Tinkle Time, and sometimes it’s later than usual. One time it was almost two o’clock in the morning. That was pretty weird.

Well, anyway. Today it started out nice, in the mid fifties, and the guy I live with went to the store, to get me some food, and to buy bird seed, too. Not at the same place.
When he went out of the store, the temperature had dropped twenty degrees, and there was a cold wind blowing from the north.

He came home, put away the groceries, put the bird seed in the cans out on the patio, hung the roosting pockets he got in the mail (these will keep birds warm at night), then I had my dinner, and we went on our walk.

In the mist. That was totally cool. It hardly ever mists here, but this evening was a misty one, and so we walked for quite a ways. I got fairly damp, but was dried with a towel when I got home.
The guy I live with took a bunch more willow pictures, but this time, of willows in the mist. Some of these are pictures of the same willows, but at different angles, especially of the one that hangs way over the path on the west side of the creek, and also the one with the big broken branch, which you can see quite easily. It’s kind of scary. We don’t walk under that tree.
These are willows to the south of us, growing along the creek. We follow the coyote path to where it stops, for us anyway. He said this next one was his favorite picture of the group. Well, that’s pretty much it. It got really cold, then warmed up, then got all misty this evening, but by the weekend it’s supposed to be seventy degrees. The guy I live with says that’s more like it.

Until next time, then.

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suddenly not autumn

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here today just to explain why I haven’t posted for a while. You may remember me from such posts as “Some Light, Some Dark”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.If I look a bit subdued, it’s because I am. We are, really. A possibly very bad thing is happening right now: snow, and record cold temperatures. It’s supposed to get down to zero tomorrow night. That’s not normal at all.

The guy I live with worries that the snow won’t melt, and there that will now be snow on the ground here until March or April. That’s not a joke.
A lot of the woody plants may not have been prepared for this sudden extreme cold, so we don’t know what next year might bring. Of course that’s true for everything in life, isn’t it?

The other thing that’s happening is that the guy I live with really hurt his leg, I guess today, so walking has been hard. He thinks that the hormone therapy wearing off is affecting his muscles, and making it easier to injure himself.

On top of that, it seems like it’s right before Christmas, since we wouldn’t expect this sort of weather for at least six weeks. So now, with his hurt leg and it being so cold, he’s starting to think about how much his wife loved Christmas, and it’s making him very, very sad, because this is another of those tenth anniversary things.

Naturally we have things to offset that. The guy I live with saw his friend last week, and then went to the urologist yesterday and the tests showed “cancer well treated”, so maybe I’ll have him around for a few more years.
And, even better, maybe, we’ve developed an excellent set-up for watching TV, where I lay my head on one of the pillows, cuddling up against the guy I live with, while he watches Monty Python. Over and over again, as is the custom here.
He says sometimes my ears are in the way, but whatever.

The only other thing, or really, the only other thing I have that comes with pictures, is the geese yesterday. The whole sky was filled with this trilling sound, not honking like usual. There were hundreds of geese. I know you can’t really see them. This was a phone picture. The guy I live with put the picture in Lightroom and zoomed in a bit, so maybe you can see a few of the geese.

He said they were flying to a lake southeast of here, or maybe to Chatfield Reservoir, which is more south of here, so they should have been making a right turn pretty soon. But it was certainly something to see, and hear.

So anyway that’s what’s been happening. Not a huge amount of stuff, except for it being really cold. The guy I live with isn’t going to give up gardening, and we’re not going to move, because his friend is here, but maybe there will be talk of hoophouses or greenhouses in the future. A house full of hoops sounds weird to me.
I’ll leave you with a fairly frigid picture of me, surveying stuff, like always.


Until next time, then.

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