spring ……

The squaw apple, Peraphyllum ramosissimum, blooming its head off. Flowers are scented of, oh, maybe licorice, or star anise. Rather reminds me of opening the door to a pho restaurant.

Even with my limited photographic skills you can see that it’s covered with honeybees. One is visible just to left of center.
Though the scent is pervasive and carries for several yards, the existence of the squaw apple is given away by the buzzing of very happy bees. At least I hope they’re happy.
The plant at a distance. There are three in the garden.

And close up. Closer up than the first picture, anyway.

Funny, I thought the common name would not be quite p.c., but that’s what everyone calls it.
Being in the rose family, the flowers give way, eventually, to orange-pink fruit, the size of grapes.
I obtained the plants about twenty years ago; the above-ground bits were three inches tall, the roots were two feet long. I had to uncoil them very gently.
I’ve never watered these plants.

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