foresight, or lack of it

I got a mystery agave. It was pretty big, with the wrong label, and of uncertain hardiness. The thing is so attractive that my first thought of planting it out to see what might happen gave way to my second thought, that it could stay in a pot, and come outside when it was needed for decorative purposes.

Potting up large agaves, especially ones with more than their fair share of long spines, is not something you just go and do, it’s something you do almost in slow motion. Always aware of where you are in relation to those spines.

And since it was going into the intense sunlight at this elevation, with a third more ultraviolet than at sea level, it needed a little protection from the sun for its first week or so outside. (I don’t know how long that takes; usually it takes one day longer than you think.) Even agaves, yuccas, etc., that come from nurseries in Tucson and Phoenix will fry in Denver’s sun if they don’t get time to adjust to it. I usually just spray the plants with CloudCover (seems to work), and plant them, or build a little tent out of shade cloth and bamboo stakes, but this time I thought burlap would be a good idea.

Well, the burlap is on, as is evident. Removing it will be a different story.

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