the anonymous gardener

The garden (that’s right, this one), is going to be on tour probably at least twice this June. I don’t know what I’ll do about all the weeds. I suppose I could label them as native plants or something.

My wife was the weeder (and illustrator, and photographer). She loved to weed, and was better at it than anyone else I’ve ever seen. She would sit there, with her nejiri (Japanese weeder), listening to CMX on her Walkman, for hours at a time.

But anyway, for at least one of the tours, the person who owns the garden (that is, me) is going to remain anonymous, for reasons that I don’t quite understand.

Especially since the people who talked me into letting my garden be open (I’m a pushover for that, weeds notwithstanding), are also planning to sell copies of this book right on my front porch.

This one, right here:

The fact that almost all of the pictures in the book are of plants in my garden is purely a coincidence.

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