garden guests

One of the things ….one of the many things, I bet….that put people off about this garden is my absolute refusal to kill creatures that visit my garden. My wife did say it was irresponsible not to put a mosquito dunk into the pool because of West Nile Virus, but other than that, I let living things alone.

I’m not especially fond of squirrels (my weapon of choice against them is a squirt gun), and have been trying to get the dog to come outside and help me chase rabbits away, but he really doesn’t feel like it. I’ve found the places where they tunnel under the back fence …..the rabbit fence….but every few days there’s another tunnel.

This morning I was taking some pictures and chased two adult rabbits back into the field, squirting them with the garden hose. But one stayed behind.

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2 Responses to garden guests

  1. I like rabbits in other people’s yards, especially after they girdled the trunks of my junipers this winter
    destroying almost all of them (and now, thankfully, all removed). I estimate 10-15 rabbits living in my 3/4 acre yard at any one time, despite harrassment from my two dogs and one cat. Fortunately, the foxes are finally moving back in…

    • paridevita says:

      Not much I can do about them, with the field right behind me. There are plenty of predators here, though.
      Plantskydd works pretty well. I sprinkle it on the agaves in the front yard, otherwise they’ll eat those like artichokes.
      They bite manzanitas into pieces and then walk away.
      And, of course, half the plants in the garden here are armored with chicken wire, etc. Not terribly attractive, but effective.

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