how I take care of my plants

This pathetic thing is a flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, after a month in my care. (Not the same one I posted about earlier.) I planted it, watered it, and then forgot about it. I only remembered it when I went out to set the sprinkler in the shade garden because all the hellebores were wilted to the ground. (Set a sprinkler to make it rain.)

I dug it up, put it in a pot and set it in a bucket of water, so that the remaining leaves could be battered by hail. I have no doubt it’s thrilled to be under my care.

“One dogwood is bad enough, but two?”

In my defense, I’m a weak-willed gardener. See plants for sale, buy them. Think about where they will go in the garden, and their cultural requirements later. Or not at all.

This is the result. I plan to give this away to someone who will actually take care of it.

Now, what can I plant in that empty space?

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