a pile of wood

The garden is going to be open for visitors Saturday after next. Over the past quarter century, a lot of people have come through the garden, herded around by border collies, and I’ve learned at least one thing in the process.

If you spend four days weeding one part of the garden, no one will notice. They’ll walk right past that to the pile of junk you hoped nobody would see. All the plants you’re so proud of, nothing. But a junky area, now that’s fascinating. Could it be that this is what makes the garden so irresistible?

For years, we had this huge mound of branches piled up in the back yard, six feet high and 15 feet wide, and people would collect around it. Walk through the garden and wind up at the pile of wood. I mean, really. Some of the most sophisticated gardeners on the planet standing there looking at a pile of wood. What was it that was so mesmerizing? Was there a sign out in front saying “Never mind the garden; see the pile of wood”?

The pile is now gone. I almost regret it, because it was so popular. I still do have some areas that might catch visitors’ eyes, and so I’m taking this opportunity to create a preview, to add to the excitement.

First, the patio. That’s horticultural grade particle board, of course. I’m going to use the cardboard for something, too.

Then, the trellis. I made this all by myself. Bought the lathe and glued it together. This was my first and last project in the garden.

The back garden. I pile dirt back here. And that path does lead somewhere ….

The corner. Chess is demonstrating the area’s principle use. To look through the chain link fence.

There are other areas of equal charm and attraction. I could show those too, but that would spoil all the fun.

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  1. paridevita says:

    By the way, you may notice wood at the base of the coffee tree on the left in the last picture, but those are bundles of wood, not a pile. Not nearly as interesting.

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