trip to Timberline, part one

For my birthday, which is today, I decided to do what I wanted to, and went to Timberline Gardens. It wasn’t a difficult decision. There are so many plants …….


I think this is Salvia transsilvanica (white)

Think this is a lot of agaves? Just wait until I post pictures from the greenhouse where these grew up. Agaves parryi, havardiana, and palmeri here.

Timberline is famous for cactus, among other things. Some cool named varieties here. You have to get to this table before I do.

rock garden plants




a new centaurea

Sugar. When my wife first laid eyes on Sugar, it was love at first sight. I had to tear her away, kicking and screaming. “No miniature horses in the back yard, my dear.” Sigh.



Shade house, out in back.

Out in back. They do a lot of their own propagation. Need any semps?

One of the greenhouses they try to keep me out of. Cool stuff is being propagated here, and there’s a real danger I might snap it up before cuttings can be taken.

Like these manzanitas, being grown as mother plants.

In the greenhouse attached to the store

And now, since I’ve found myself in the greenhouse where annuals are propagated, I’ll call it quits, for today, with a bunch of coleus pictures. Cindy loved coleus, and used to plant them in large containers on the patio.

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6 Responses to trip to Timberline, part one

  1. Diana says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for the pictures, it was a nice tour.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. As you know, the nursery is so big, and there are so many, many plants, I had a hard time, uh, focusing. Forgot to take pictures of the demo garden, the cactus garden, and a few other places.


  2. Happy birthday, Bob: I shoulda joined you at Timberline: instead I weeded and gardened and am exhausted!

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. I snagged a bunch of cool oaks collected by Allan Taylor. One of the employees, who’s been to the garden here a number of times, asked me where on earth I was going to put these. Why do people keep asking me that?
      There may not be much room for plants to grow out, but plenty of room to grow up.


  3. Wow from beginning to end of this post.

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