nectar of the gods

Ipomopsis rubra again, with a different visitor this time.

This is Pterourus rutulus, the Western Tiger Swallowtail.

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3 Responses to nectar of the gods

  1. What stunning images. I miss you and your garden! Haven’t been to the hills this year either (so you rank right up there with the Rockies)….too busy with catch up. Love your blog!

  2. Lucie says:

    Mere days after you posted these impressive pictures, which by the way rendered me speechless (you redeemed yourself from your post of the evening before!), some Ipomopsis rubra seeds arrived in the mail from Sir Kenton Seth, plantsman extraordinaire of the Western Slope. Can’t wait to try my hand at these!

    • paridevita says:

      You can sow these directly into the ground in September, or even now, just like what would happen in real life. Or indoors in pots, too.
      I’ve become more of a fan of direct sowing of almost everything because the seedlings can get their roots “right” without having to go through the agony of being transplanted.

      I do hope that readers, appreciative of the avant garde, understand that the nighttime pictures mark the beginning of a new art form.


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