asleep in the weeds

It’s like I run a hotel here. I provide food, water, shade, and places to relax and stretch out the legs.

It’s evident that my guest is not entirely asleep, and after the first picture the ears were much more alert. This is actually my rock garden, not a bunch of weeds. Well, okay, it’s both.

I sleep, but my heart is awake.

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2 Responses to asleep in the weeds

  1. JB says:

    What is that thing? Some kind of hairy snake?

    • paridevita says:

      Yes, it’s the very rare Rocky Mountain Hairy Snake, only found on Tuesdays……

      It’s a lounging rabbit. Hind legs stretched out to left, ears sticking up at right. They’re not very easy to photograph when all stretched out, lying on their sides, totally flat, because they leap up at the slightest provocation.


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