what happened here?

Despite the popular conception of me as the most intelligent person anyone has ever met, it’s just a conception and isn’t really the case. I mentioned the seed frames a while back, here, and in between then and now there was a torrential downpour that filled the plastic flats holding the pots, and I didn’t think about it for several days afterward until I realized that some of the seedlings might be rotting, at which time I drained the flats and wished I’d done it the day before the seedlings started to rot. Then it didn’t rain for days on end and was a hundred degrees for an equal number of days on end and, once again, I forgot about the seed frames and what do you know but most of the seedlings (the ones that didn’t rot) were cooked.

Still, there were a few pots that held healthy seedlings, so I decided to transplant them, and there was one really nice little plant of Astragalus barrii that went into a trough and was treated with extra care until I noticed this.

the scene of the crime

No holes in evidence, no sign of the missing plant. I read this story years ago about an elected official in my state trying to get the FBI involved over an incident involving government agents sneaking into a doghouse in the middle of the night (really and truly), so I thought this would be just the thing for Scully and Mulder, but I looked at the trough more intently and found the dried out corpse of the astragalus a few inches away. Forensic evidence revealed it to have been bitten off right at the point where it contacted the soil.

I had considered putting a little cage around the plant but didn’t do it. My mistake. Next time, not only a cage, but security cameras and an alarm system. And a dollar reward for bringing the miscreant to justice.

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