waiting for the summer rain

Some people in this neighborhood who have allowed their lawns to go brown, tan, or even white this summer have expressed their belief that the lawns will “come back”. I’ve been pondering this belief for a couple of days.

I really don’t care about lawns one way or the other, but this belief in the resurrection of grass is interesting. Autumn and winter are the dry seasons in Denver, and if people are not watering now, are there plans to water later in the year, or a belief in some miracle that will bring enough rain so that the lawns do come back?

Some of the lawns are ryegrass and fescue, and the belief that these will come back under any circumstances is probably unfounded.

It’s been raining here every day. Like this:

My daily allotment of rain.

To continue the lawn theme, I took a few pictures with the Coolpix of my lawns in all their glory.

In the front yard. Should I call six square feet of grass a lawn? It’s mostly a bunny wallow. The cage protects a young Mexican blue oak, Quercus oblongifolia.

The blue grama and alkali sacaton. left unmowed to conserve water. The soil here is compacted clay subsoil that cuts like frozen ice cream when dug in.


Looking in the other direction to show off the blue grama’s seed heads, which are attractive even in winter.


The “way back” lawn, left for the rabbits, who have eaten part of the lawn right to the ground. This is on deep creek bottom loam.


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