last days of September

Better get this in before Monday….October already. I include some of Cindy’s autumn crocus pictures to add balance; besides, it’s exhausting being me, and I’m tired from planting bulbs. Yes, another poem. Translation by me at the bottom.


Georg Trakl

Septemberabend; traurig tönen die dunklen Rufe der Hirten

Durch das dämmernde Dorf; Feuer sprüht in der Schmiede.

                        Gewaltig bäumt sich ein schwarzes Pferd; die hyazinthenen Locken der Magd

Haschen nach der Inbrunst seiner purpurnen Nüstern.

Leise erstarrt am Saum des Waldes der Schrei der Hirschkuh

Und die gelben Blumen des Herbstes

Neigen sich sprachlos über das blaue Antlitz des Teichs.

In roter Flamme verbrannte ein Baum; aufflattern mit dunklen Gesichtern die Fledermäuse.

Crocus speciosus Albus

Crocus pulchellus

Crocus hadriaticus subsp. peloponnesiacus

Crocus speciosus

C. speciosus

Crocus hadriaticus Indian Summer

Crocus sativus


Georg Trakl

Evening in September; gloomy calls of the shepherds sound deeply

Through the darkening village; fire sparkles in the smithy.

A black horse rears violently; the maid’s garnet hair

Echoes the fervor of his reddened nostrils.

At the edge of the woods the cry of the doe goes cold, softly.

And the yellow flowers of autumn

Nod silently over the blue surface of the pond.

A tree burns in red flames; the dark-faced bats take wing.

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1 Response to last days of September

  1. People certainly live on in their art–painting, photography or otherwise. What an eye! My crocuses are so sad by contrast (I still love them)…

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