this morning

I was going to go on this rant about how much I dislike snow, but I know quite a few people who spend all their time telling me about how much they don’t like this, don’t like that, and really, that’s an extremely self-centered way to look at the world, and stupefyingly boring for other people as well.

It’s already melting anyway.


A new visitor to the garden; I don’t remember seeing a rufous-sided towhee before. He was hopping around the rock garden yesterday evening, so I lured him onto the patio with some scattered birdseed. He seemed lonely.

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3 Responses to this morning

  1. Diana says:

    I guess ornithologists are like botanists, always changing the names of things. Now we’re supposed to call this bird Spotted Towhee. And that’s just a common name, too, not even a scientific name. I prefer rufous-sided, myself.

    • paridevita says:

      Well, yeah, because if you’ve seen it, it’s already spotted.


      • Diana says:

        Ha ha. You very funny. You should watch the movie ‘The Big Year’ with Steve Martin and Jack Black. I could watch it again, there things to see that I missed the first time.

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