really inspiring

Got some spam; it said “I always agree and interested about every topics in this blog, really inspiring.”

It must be true, then. Here I am being inspired.

First off, a picture I took accidentally (pressed the wrong button). This is for Loree of Danger Garden ….I’d trade the blue sky for being able to grow grevilleas and stuff like that any day, but that’s how gardeners are, aren’t they? Oh, and trade it for just a little rain, maybe, too. Just a little.


And talk about adorable cacti; this is a seedling of Sclerocactus wetlandicus. The patience required to grow sclerocactus from seed is almost too much for me.

I could have spent some time with fine grit sandpaper and a jeweler’s loupe, scarifying the tiny seeds, or I could just hit myself in the head with a hammer. Either one. Letting nature take its course, breaking open the rock-hard seed coats by leaving the seeds in pots all winter, and getting one or two cactus to germinate every summer, is the easiest way. I brought the little cactus indoors for the winter because I definitely want to keep it alive. I might transplant it a little later, and put the pot back outside.


Opuntia ‘Dark Knight’ out in the rock garden. I couldn’t find any good place to stand here, because someone planted too many plants. I had a large plant of this some years back; I don’t know what happened to it.


Wandering over to my neighbor’s yard, where there really is too much sun, with cactus in the blue grama.


This may look like a mess, but that’s because the standard of maintenance is very low. I planted everything here and do the work constantly talk about the low standard of maintenance.

In truth, I think this is how front lawns should look. The leaves could be removed from the opuntias, maybe, and there could be less sun so the pictures came out better, but otherwise, I think this looks terrific.


To end on a rather sour note, this is the sort of thing I have to deal with on a daily basis. The trash cans hold bird seed. Grabbing hold of the handle and wiggling it back and forth to try to get the top of the trash can* off makes a horrible screeching sound, and is really annoying to hear all day long.

*yes, it’s called a lid, I know



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7 Responses to really inspiring

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    You’re slacking! (ha ha) So cool to read about a place I’ve been privileged to visit. You should see all the cacti that come up *here*…even in the shade.

    Sclerocactus “wetlandicus”…that species name is really funny, given what a wetland is en Engles!

    • paridevita says:

      Strange thing, I looked it up in Hochstatter’s book on Sclerocactus just now. I always wondered, and now I know. It’s his name; he says the species is “endemic to a small area in the Uintah basin, N Utah, where it grows in a dry, hilly landscape dominated by sparse desert shrubs and grasses.” At the end he says “named for the Pariette Wetlands.”
      Incidentally, Hochstatter’s books on Sclerocactus, and Pediocactus, and the three on Yucca make for interesting, if expensive, reading. A couple of professional botanists have dismissed his work as that of a “hobbyist”, but reading the books you get the strong impression that he has seen almost every single plant of every species growing in the wild. All of the floras disagree about which species of yucca grows where, whether it’s even a species, etc.; Hochstatter’s work strikes me as much more useful in this regard.
      Seed came from Mesa Garden, naturally,


  2. Desert Dweller says:

    Make that “en Ingles”…the old Spanglish spell check is on the blink.

  3. Loree says:

    That blue blue sky…wow. I remember that from way back in October, two long months ago. Thanks for the eye poping color. And speaking of color that Opuntia ‘Dark Knight’ is pretty sexy.
    And the tiny little seedling is pretty adorable. Reminds me of the one a friend gave me inside a small plastic bubble. It was meant to be worn as a necklace but the husband felt sorry for it and busted it free. Poor thing still hasn’t rooted after 7 months.

    As for that squirrel…determined little bugger.

    • paridevita says:

      Dark Knight might be a Claude Barr selection. There are quite a few opuntias selected for purple winter color. I think Kelly sells it at Cold Hardy Cacti, and probably Intermountain Cactus does too
      Not rooting after seven months is kind of a bad sign …..


  4. Pam says:

    I might actually enjoy the squeaking, as a sound of squirrel frustration. At my house they have smooth sailing and I’m the frustrated one. Oy…

    • paridevita says:

      It’s really a sound that says how annoying they can be. They can get the lids off, and they know it. I don’t know who told them how to do this.


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