first day of the new year


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  1. Diane Sinclair says:

    Happy New year from middle England! I discovered your blog whilst browsing plant sites on my IPad. I have enjoyed all the blogs I have read so far, and believe I suffer from the same affliction as you, the urge to buy seeds. I describe myself as a seedaholic rather than your ungainly Linnaean version! Finding yours again would mean going through all your past blogs,which is a challenge for a silver surfer like me. I used to belong to the Scottish Rock Garden Club of Stirlingshire in Scotland ten years ago and lovingly bought seed from all over the world for a measly sum of money, including some Penstemon lyallii. Could they be from your garden? I bought them because I lived in Lyall Crescent at that time,which is a daft reason. I tried to find out if there was a plant hunter of the New world called Lyall but without success.
    When I moved south I had no rockery but brought the few plants I had specially grown, including the penstemon,which continues to flourish.
    My family think I am a crazy old lady and try hard to persuade me to pass on the many plants I grow, surplus to my garden’s needs, but I love very one. I have bulbs grown from seed which are merely matchstick high, and I can’t wait to see the flowers.
    I get my seeds mainly from Chilterns seeds in the Lake District nearly in Scotland. Look at their website, if you have time.
    Meanwhile I will look forward to your entertaining musings, and a lottery win to get me to Denver botanic gardens!!

    Yours,a Lyall friend…

    • paridevita says:

      I ordered from Chiltern ages ago. Now it requires a permit to get seed mailed to this country. Sigh. The Scottish Rock Garden Club has an excellent seed list, as does the Alpine Garden Society. All I can do is look at the lists, these days.
      I don’t recall ever growing Penstemon lyallii but it’s possible I did at one time. There is Larix lyallii from the same part of North America.
      The number of plants that have come and gone in this garden is astonishing. And mildly depressing.

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