ready for the sale

We’re having difficulty adjusting to daylight savings time. The dog has slept in until after ten in the morning two days in a row, meaning that I do, too. I might set the alarm tonight to see if we can get up at a more reasonable hour tomorrow.

Not that there’s much incentive. It snowed yesterday. There was already snow on the ground from this past weekend (as there has been since before Christmas), which I would have thought would be enough for a while, but no, it had to snow again.

I’m gearing up for the big cactus sale this weekend at DBG. Maybe I can remember to bring my wallet this time.

I have a cat carrier, which is used to hold plants instead of a cat (judging from the number of attempts at humor directed toward the cat carrier, bringing cats to plants sales must be a common thing), but it only works well with small plants in small pots, with no spines sticking out.


I also have custom-made plant flats that my wife made for me about twenty years ago.


It is a cactus sale, and since I have an empty place in the front yard which I made empty just for the purpose of filling it with cactus, I decided to make a new plant carrier. Aside from the walking the dog, it was the only thing I did today. I found an old computer box lying in the rafters in the garage, pulled it down along fifteen years’ worth of dust, and went to work. Most of the time was spent finding the end of the packing tape on the roll. I imagine this will hold a few plants.


Gallon jug added for scale.


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6 Responses to ready for the sale

  1. Loree says:

    I can’t wait to read all about it! (The next best thing to going myself)

  2. Kim Bone says:

    I like your carrying gadgets! Your like the James Bond of plant sales.

  3. Astra says:

    I think I have to avoid the sale this weekend for my own good. We are moving to TX in two months and I already have a cars’ worth of cacti and succulents to move.

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