more hard work

I finally had a chance to try out this nifty new Victorian trowel that the people at Garden Tool Company gave me. It’s one of the nicest trowels I’ve ever used; good balance, beveled edge to dig into awful soil, and a blade flat enough to dig out a big chunk of dirt.  It will probably replace my old Yo Ho as an all-purpose trowel. (Update to mention the trowel’s manufacturer, which might help: DeWit.)


Yes, I did some work. More rocks added, and some warm season grasses (and two ‘Boulder Blue’ fescues) moved from another part of the garden. The cool season grasses, Poa annua (annual bluegrass), etc., are all too evident in this picture; I want to get rid of them, but that means getting down on my hands and knees and scraping out all the tufts of grass between the flagstone and elsewhere.

I wouldn’t even try to spray the grasses because they would just come back from seed next year, and besides, there are some tiny pieces of Festuca thurberi, which I planted, among all the annual bluegrass. (My wife liked to spray weeds but my one experience with such things led me to conclude it was a waste of my time; I’m not a garden chemical type person anyway.)

The rectangular shadow at the right is from the bird feeder hanging in the tree.


A border collie’s eye view. All the white in the rock garden is Corydalis angustifolia.


In the rock garden itself, a nice color form of Pulsatilla vulgaris, which was more open when I went to get the camera, but it’s supposed to snow a whole bunch and get down to 12 or some equally asinine temperature, so I figured carpe diem florae pulsatillae. It was supposed to be ‘Budapest Blue’, but isn’t. Bluer than purple, but not enough Budapest. I’ve wanted that particular color form for quite some time, and all the plants I’ve acquired with that name have turned out to be something else.


Also, Crocus rujanensis. I could have removed the spent flower in the front, but I didn’t. In a normal year no one would believe I have crocuses in flower in April (what’s next, lilacs in July?), but I do.  This year, so far, weirdness abounds.


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2 Responses to more hard work

  1. Desert Dweller says:

    Crocuses so late, I hear you! Winter is never leaving this year…will this be the year the Sandia Mtns have snow on them on July 4? Looks like a good, new tool…I got something nice that saved me some time last week dressing up my pots. No escaping bending down from your photos!

    • paridevita says:

      I suspect that it will snow on July 4 the way everyone here claims it has but never really did.
      This being a family-oriented blog I’ll refrain from expressing my opinions about snow and cold weather. The dog loves both, though.

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