dumb garden pictures

Here I am yet again. That’s right, Chess the purebred border collie. You may remember me from such wonderful posts as “A Near Miss” and “A Partly Sad Story”.

I take no credit at all for the following dumb garden pictures. I think that the guy I live with needs a new lens. Or he needs to learn how to take pictures. He has this zoom lens that doesn’t take very sharp pictures, except on every third Thursday after a full moon. Here I am watching this process. I’m not sure what’s in focus; maybe nothing is, and the guy I live with thinks this is some sort of metaphor. Whenever something turns out weird, he says it’s a metaphor. This is looking northeast, in the back yard, across what he calls a lawn. You can tell it’s the back yard because I’m in it.


This is looking northwest, with Rosa kokanica in bloom. It’s had better years, but who among us has not?


This is looking southeast. There’s the rose on the left.


This is looking more or less to the west, down the garden path to the “way back” garden. The red thing is a hummingbird feeder.


Here’s the “way back”. It’s a few feet lower than the rest of the garden, and the green lawn is being replaced so the guy I live with can feel all superior and talk more nonsense about metaphors and stuff. After he gets a new lens, I mean.

The green lawn was supposedly put there for bunnies to eat, instead of them eating the whole garden, but the guy I live with says this arrangement isn’t working, and having a green lawn in a semi-arid climate is something that strikes him as totally bizarre. I kind of like it because he has to set the sprinkler all the time and sprinklers are fun.

He hasn’t mowed the green lawn because he knows you don’t do that when you’re in what they call a “stage two drought”. It looks very rustic.


So there you have it. The guy I live with doesn’t wear his glasses when he’s out in the garden, so maybe this is the way he sees things and it seems real to him. I think everyone should be allowed to have a few delusions, don’t you?


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2 Responses to dumb garden pictures

  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Dear Chess, what a cool yard you live in! To make themselves feel better about their failing vision, people like to call this kind of thing impressionistic rather than blurry. some French painters made a big deal out of it a while ago just because they didn’t want to visit the optometrist. People are silly.

    • paridevita says:

      Alors, c’est vrai. Remember what Cezanne said of Monet, when the latter only had one good eye ….”he is only an eye, but mon Dieu what an eye”.
      Time to take up a collection for a new lens. “He is only a lens, but mon Dieu what a lens.”
      Lens was named after the Roman, that is, Latin, word for lentil. “He is only a lentil …”

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