spring again

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, Mani the not-incredibly-huge purebred border collie, filling in for the guy I live with, and here to bring you up to date on news about me and our garden. You may remember me from such posts as “The Seed Whisperer”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in an increasingly-characteristic pose. Yes, the old biscuit-on-the-head ploy.16042308Here I am looking a little bit more normal.16042309I know about my collar. The one I had got too small for me, so I’m wearing Slipper’s old collar until I get a new one, which might take some time, because they have to be red, and they have to be exactly right. The collar still fits, it just has a part that hangs down sometimes.

Well, like I said a while ago, it was supposed to snow, and it did snow, and a lot, too. The guy I live with was fairly grumpy, because he said we had already had a blizzard, and two in one spring was a bit much, but then it all melted. I didn’t really get to go on my walks; we just sort of walked down the street and then turned around, and so the guy I live with promised me I could go to Day Care two days last week, which I got to do, and it was a lot of fun. I got two good report cards.

The guy I live with went to visit his friend while I was at Day Care, so it worked out really well for both of us. Then I was all super-exhausted yesterday, and so didn’t even mind that I was left alone because there was a plant sale that had to be gone to, and so, was. And then also today there was more plant sale, and so he left for a while. (I happen to know that his friend was there yesterday evening and today, as well, and so that’s why he was gone so long. And he got plants.)

Anyway, it’s spring again, and the garden doesn’t look awfully terrible, having been snowed on twice in the last month.16042310

16042311There are aubrietas in the rock garden.16042312And Gentiana verna in a trough. It’s blue, as you can see. I can see blue, too. (Yes, there’s a dandelion. We have lots of those.)16042313And, of course, now, I get to go on my walks again. There’s water in the canal now. 16042302The wild plums, Prunus americana, are flowering. The guy I live with says the plums make a very good jam, but the birds usually get them first. The flowers smell good. 16042301

16042303When we started back, to walk down the creek path, a crow flew away from the top of a tree. That was kind of interesting. 16042304Down the creek path, things are different. The guy I live with said that a “bunch of loons” decided to mow down the native willows (probably Salix exigua, the coyote willow) along the creek. Lots of birds lived in the willows along the creek. You can see what’s left of the willows, and you can also see thousands of poison hemlock plants (Conium maculatum)  springing up everywhere. “Cutting down native willows so that poison hemlock can move in”, he said.

The trees are also willows, but a different kind. The guy I live with, who doesn’t know willows, say they might be the native Salix amygdaloides. The really spooky one is just to left of center in the picture, but with all the willows by the creek mowed down, it’s not so spooky any more.16042305After all that, I had to go wading.16042306And then I needed to go again. I think someone was living in the bank, right where I was looking. I couldn’t be sure, though.16042307

Well, that’s about it. Oh, wait. Late last night, there was this terrific noise outside, and the guy I live with had to check it out.

I didn’t get to go outside until a little later, when everything was quiet. I think I’ll leave you on that kind of eerie note.


Until next time, then.





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6 Responses to spring again

  1. Deborah says:

    I’m glad that spring has returned to your area. Love the intense blue of the gentiana. I have 4 American plum trees. They are lovely when they are blooming. I’ve never noticed a smell, though. I’ve only gotten one plum so far, and it was pretty good. I’m hoping to get more plums this year since we are moving, so I probably won’t have plums again for a while. I’ve been trying to decide what plants I want to try to take with me. That’s hard. The realtor said my yard was lovely, like a park, but that probably wouldn’t add any value to the assessment. Only granite countertops and stainless steel appliances do that. I think that’s warped.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; we’re glad too. The native plum has an intense fragrance; not really a tree, more of a bush, like you see there, with me below one of them. Wild through most of the country, I think. Not very big plums, but big enough to be juicy and stuff. The guy I live with occasionally says we might move. (He’s tired of breathing laundry detergent fumes.)The house needs a new roof, new driveway, and new kitchen floor. Probably other new stuff. The garden, and the zillion yards of pea gravel and larger gravel, would probably be a liability. I like my yard, a lot, and so that pretty much settles it, for both of us.

  2. RACOONS FIGHT?!? Racoons are scary, just scary. Oh, I forgot to mention, last time? the narcissus ‘Beersheba’? Gorgeous. And your garden shows very well now, Mani, and it shows the arrival of spring. You show very well, too, dear dog, on your walk. You have a very cutely-shaped head. Adorable, really. I can’t see how the guy you live with can stand to be away, even with the lure of a friend, even with the lure of sale plants. I mean, just look at the shape of your head! So cutely canine, better even than Prince George in his fluffy white bathrobe.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. You might have said more about how adorable and handsome I am, though. I can probably stand several paragraphs just devoted to me. Not that I’m immodest, but, you know … You get ‘Beersheba’ from Old House Gardens, and maybe nowhere else. The snow didn’t do anything bad to it. Or to any of the other daffodils. The guy I live with really, really, super extra really likes his friend, and I do too, since I’ve met her. She has Velociraptor Insurance, which the guy I live with usually sells, but in her case it was free. Yes, raccoon fight. Like who gets to sit on which branch on the tree.

  3. Knicky Twigs says:

    My dog FREAKED when he heard those raccoons! I guess I’m going to have to monitor his blog visits from now on!

    • paridevita says:

      Yeah, I guess I should have put one of those “dogs strongly cautioned” warning things on the movie, huh? The guy I live with says also to say that the raccoons were about seventy-five feet away; not as close as they sounded. So they were like super loud.

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