super roasting

Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, Mani the more or less normal-sized purebred border collie, filling in for the guy I live with, and here to bring you the latest and hottest news from our garden. You may remember me from such posts as “Who Chewed The Hose?”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose. I am super roasting hot. I mean if you couldn’t tell. 16061801This is me, again, baking.16061802There are some things you might not know. First is, we purebred border collies hate hot weather. Like totally ultra loathe it. And the second is, I’m a whole lot closer to the sun than most people reading this, so I think that makes me even hotter. Our garden is 5,596 feet (1705 meters) above sea level (whatever that is).

It “cooled off” a little, this afternoon. 16061803It’s been roasting now for quite a while. The guy I live with says that if it’s roasting, then there won’t be thunderstorms, but I’m not sure what kind of trade-off that is.

At least if it’s super-roasting hot I don’t left alone in the house very long to be broiled. The guy I live with says he “might” buy something called an air conditioner which he says I’ll like. He’s usually right about stuff he thinks I might like, so I say, go for it.

I got left alone last Sunday, but not for a very long while, because the guy I live with had to go see some gardens. Most of the pictures didn’t come out, which somehow doesn’t surprise me.

These are some pictures of Dan Johnson’s garden. He works at DBG. The guy I live with says it’s one of the prettiest gardens in the state, and looks very much like a California garden. (By the way, these are huge files, should you care to embiggen them.)16061813


16061815Of course he went with his friend.dans1I guess since I’m still super-roasting I might as well show you some pictures of how our garden looks today. The guy I live with said a bunch of out-of-focus, overexposed pictures would be “atmospheric”. I think they just make the garden look hotter.

This is the south side of the house, which I understand is “only a little cooler than the surface of the sun”. That’s the “Cheyenne” mockorange, Philadelphus lewisii, in flower. (Named for the Cheyenne Botanic Garden where it did really well, and now is in commerce.)16061805The path in this part of the garden, in the northwest corner of the back yard, has become impassable (except by me), because the guy I live with has let Rosa kokanica grow how it wants to. 16061807


16061809The “enclosure” with all the ‘Darlow’s Enigma’ roses. 16061811Oh, and you know how the guy I live with claimed that the big desert willow had died? I talked about that in my post called “A Sad Farewell”. Obviously he was wrong. He did say “probably”, so he wasn’t completely wrong. The new shoots are almost waist-high now (his waist, not mine); responding to the heat. Not the way I would do it. I would just wilt.16061816The guy I live with says that if you think a plant has died, then give up on it, and it might hear you, and start to grow. I bet he’s pulling my leg.

He does care about me, though, as I could tell when he brought this home for me.16061810And also, when it got super hot, he set out the “Noodlehead” sprinkler for me. It’s made of plastic. He got this at Garden Talk, where he’s gotten stuff for years and years. (This isn’t the same video that was posted on Facebook, if you didn’t know.)

I guess that’s it, for this roasting and bakingly hot day. I’ll leave you with another picture of me, just lying around, which is what I do, when I’m not playing in the sprinkler. 16061804

Until next time, then.










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8 Responses to super roasting

  1. Whoo, pretty friend. Intelligent-looking, too, and friendly, so super excellent. She looks like someone I’d like to know. Whoo, some leaping ability. I’ll remember the sprinkler for Petey and Shredder tomorrow and Monday when it is supposed to get roasting and bakingly hot. I’m not sure they’re capable of having as much fun as you, Mani, but they’re pretty darn good at lying around.
    Your garden is beautiful. I think we’re seeing your place at its height of georgious (so far). The photos show it to be highly wanderable-through. And, of course, roses, really terrific roses. We had friends over this weeky, and parts of our garden are impassible because roses are allowed to do as they like, as I would have them do forever, but now mainly because my husband who caretakes is Laid Up regaining stamina post-surgery. The guy you live with is right, Dan Johnson’s garden would fit in well in California. I know I don’t have to prefer one above another, but I like a high dry garden, one precisely 5,596 feet above sea level and equipped with a purebred border collie of prodigious leaping ability, a loathing of heat, and who is about to discover the charms of conditioned air.

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks. Yes, the guy I live with agrees completely about his friend. If you do go to Garden Talk and look at sprinklers and stuff, the Gear Drive Sprinkler (the one that says made in Australia, or Austria) is the one I was first introduced to, and the one that Chess starred in, in his watering movies. It’s really well made. I took it apart just to check. There is also an ancient RainBird here, which does a really good job, but is made out of metal. The guy I live with says he might go back to the other gardens and take pictures, later this summer. Oh, and, uh, he says he might need more roses. Suddenly he’s interested in roses again. (Aside from ones you have to travel to Kazakhstan for.)

  2. janet b. says:

    i can’t imagine having such hot weather AND a fur coat, mani! watching you dance in the sprinkler is great ~ you are just an adorable, sweet dog. we have been really lucky (so far) in the northeast (mid-hudson valley NY), with weeks of some “california weather” ~ low humidity, nice temps, loads of sunshine, and enough rain (unlike california) to keep everything green as ireland. oh, and i like your guy’s friend because she is rocking her beautiful gray hair, just like i do!

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks; I think I am pretty lucky, though right now, at almost one in the afternoon, it’s 93F (34C) and twelve percent humidity. I’m a little more humid than that because I got to play with the Noodlehead out in back, a little, this morning, and then with the hose and the pool about an hour ago. I like his friend a lot, too.

  3. Barb K says:

    When I see those pictures of you, Mani, I just want to give you a big smooch. Do you tolerate those? We’ve wondered about that Darlow’s Enigma. Some people say it’s fragrant and some people say no. What do you say? I bet you say you’re glad you don’t live in Phoenix. Somebody there reported that she baked cookies in her car today.

    • paridevita says:

      Oh, I am super-extra-totally in favor of smooches. Like, totally. I get a lot of them, so I know. Darlow’s Enigma is extremely fragrant. Not like Mme. Isaac Pereire, but very fragrant. People who say not just need better noses. Mine happens to be excellent. Did you know I can smell thousands of smells, some out of one nostril, some out of the other? And all the at the same time. I exhale through those slot things on the sides of my nose. So I’m pretty advanced, as I think you’ll agree. The guy I live with read that we dogs like walks where we get to smell stuff, and he took that to heart, and lets me stop and sniff instead of urging me forward. (Besides, the creek path walk has been completely wrecked by the county, so we have to walk in other places.) The guy I live with says he thought about moving to Tucson when he retired, and tried to persuade the lady of the house to move there, saying how many bugs would be crawling over her at night, scorpions and gigantic spiders, which she thought was okay, but we purebred border collies so do not like weather that hot, and the two that were here would have been miserable, to say the least. So he stayed here. And now he has another reason to stay here. I say, “Whew”. It’s supposed to cool off some, tomorrow.

  4. christine says:

    Hello to Friend of TGYLW (FOTGYLW)…or maybe it should be Special Friend (SFOTGYLW)…is that to the ridiculous point yet?! So happy that you are “in the picture!” Also glad to hear that the big desert willow is being a phoenix and coming back strong. Thanks, Mani, for your video of a puppy at play; such energy is uplifting:).

    • paridevita says:

      You’re welcome. I guess it’s immodest to suggest that movies starring me are automatically excellent. Things are the same around here, and yet a lot different, too. The guy I live with doesn’t mope so much. Though, the heat …. Right now it’s 90 degrees F (32C) and a “disgusting” 22 percent humidity. That’s because yesterday it was cool and rainy, though with not much rain, but thunder for four straight hours. I didn’t mind it. And it was nice and cool last night.

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