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Greetings and salutations, everyone; yes, once again it is I, your popular host, Mani the purebred border collie, here on this roasting hot day to bring you up to date on everything that’s been happening. You may remember me from such heat-related posts as “Super Extra Totally Roasting Hot”, among so many, many others.

Here I am in a characteristic pose.
It got up to 96 degrees Fahrenheit (35.5 C) today. I was roasting.

The last time I posted, it rained that night. Kind of a lot. Remember the backhoe dredging out the creek, north of the canal? The people who did that did a pretty good job, so now the creek doesn’t back up right where it leaves the culvert.
This is what the field looked like that day. That’s my yard in the upper left. You can see the poles for the owls; the phone camera makes them look slanted.
We even saw a mushroom on my morning walk along the canal road a couple of days later.
So it was all rainy for a few weeks, and now it’s roasting hot and windy. That’s quite a change.
I think there are some creatures that don’t get hot. Maybe you can see the mother mallard and her ducklings in the canal. They were paddling as fast as they could, because they could tell how fierce and deadly I was. I have that look about me, you know. Protecting the guy I live with from ducklings.
The guy I live with counted seven ducklings, the first time we saw them. He told the neighbors about the ducklings, and said that he would always say there were seven. I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, and he didn’t tell me.

The grasses in the garden, along with the weeds, of which there are a lot, have been growing like crazy because of all the rain.
I’m in this picture, to add a special excellence to it.
Like most people who have gardens, the guy I live with sort of wanted to order some plants, but when he went online to look at things, almost every plant he wanted was out of stock. He was pretty disappointed, but said that for people in the nursery business, this was probably a good thing. He did manage to order some plants from Digging Dog.

When plants arrive here, either from local nurseries or by mail, they’re almost always repotted into larger pots, then watered, and stay on the patio for a while so that the plants will grow more roots, and be planted out in the garden later.
The guy I live with also ordered some roses, from High Country Roses. Most of these aren’t for him, but for his friend and her daughter.
The guy I live with also went to a local nursery and got a few plants. The nursery was oddly empty, but the owner told him they were downsizing after one of the other owners passed away. That made him pretty sad; he used to go there with his wife, a lot. But I guess things change.

That’s about all that’s been happening here, I mean besides the guy I live with fighting with his email program on the laptop, finding so many plants out of stock online, and also wondering what to have for dinner.
We lead very exciting lives, don’t we?

Until next time, then.

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13 Responses to out of stock

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Is is just me, or do you also think that ‘Digging Dog’ is an odd name for a nursery? I mean, your people do so much more than merely dig. They bark. They play. They take care of their people. Some chase squirrels. There are a few who should be President.

  2. Paddy Tobin says:

    Plants, plants, plants and more plants! Gardeners are always bringing in more plants. Our outings and purchases have been curtailed by Covid restrictions but we have used online mail-order from a few nurseries and always do so for bulbs. We placed an order for tulips and alliums yesterday which will be delivered in September. No dog in this house but I went across to my neighbour yesterday – I took in their grocery delivery as they were at a hospital appointment – and received a great greeting from Dusty, their labrador. I walk him when our neighbours are away. Keep an eye on himself!

    • paridevita says:

      Dogs are mostly excellent, if you didn’t know.
      The guy I live with says there used to be a nursery here that had all kinds of wonderful things, but the property was sold.
      I guess everyone is buying plants as a response to the pandemic. Even plants the guy I live with would like to grow …

  3. Mee-yow THE Dredger Dudess did a furabuluss job on THE canal Mani! An yore garden lookss lovelee deepsite THE *HOT* heet!! 96 EFF iss just too *HOT*!!
    It iss hot an hue-mid here an sum dayss wee can brelee move~~Wee furinallee outta lockdown so Aunty Sheila iss goin to take LadyMew shoppin tomorrow….fore clothin sn lippy-flopss an pawss crossed a floor fan!!!Wish her luck~~her 3 unfave werdss are “out of stock” two Guy!
    Is so frustratin issn’t it???
    Butt mee thinkss wee tern a corner as you Hu’manss meow; wee sure hope it iss a nice one!!!
    Mani yore lookin gorgeeuss purr usual…. 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an **wavess** LadyMew

  4. Lisa says:

    You do have the ferocious look about you, so it’s no wonder those ducklings paddled off. You can’t ever be sure about ducklings either, they can be tricky. The Canada geese hang around the park near me. I hear they like new grass shoots. They are gigantic. My not-purebred Border collie pretends not to see them. It’s raining here right now.

  5. Elaine says:

    Mani you lead an exceptional life style. Gorgeous gardens and fields to wander, an interesting owner (tell him from me how much I am enjoying his book), and much to report on the state of the ducks and weather. What more could you want?

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