like a wave

I hear I get a free coffee mug for making a lot of posts.

Why miserable? Though I’m not entirely miserable, having a garden to play in, I miss my wife, and that emotion pervades everything I say, think, and do. I just noticed how Chess, the border collie, is starting to look like an older dog now (he’s ten), and went in to tell her that, and remembered she was gone. Even though it’s been 35 months and one day, my mind still works like that.

The URL means “miserable” in the language of the gods (Sanskrit), though I did originally typo it as meaning “parrot faced”.

Anyway. Here’s a shot of Anemone sylvestris. One flower out of the herd turned to look at me as I was taking the picture. Sorry I disturbed you.

Funny, these plants are growing in the front yard, mostly in shade, but don’t get any water at all. Maybe a little falls on them when I water the shade garden around the corner, but probably not much. The colony ebbs and flows according to drought, surging like a wave during wetter years, shrinking back almost to nothing during the frightfully dry ones. But it’s been here for at least twenty years, through good and bad times.

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2 Responses to like a wave

  1. Liking is weird when it’s sad. I mean “I’m listening. I hear this, missing your wife, realizing Chess is ten”.

    • paridevita says:

      Oh, it’s okay. I don’t really know how the “likes” work (thanks, though!), don’t really know a lot about blogging (had one before this, but deleted the whole thing the day after she died). It could be I’m just being deliberately dense.

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