right before your very eyes (an editorial interlude)

Here is a picture of the bitterbrush, Purshia tridentata, taken this morning. A happy plant.

Keeping in mind what I said about the .7 inches of precipitation in the last post, it should be obvious to anyone receptive to the notion that natural selection shows us how to deal with drought in the garden, that growing plants adapted to drought are the answer to the problem of drought.

To anticipate the inevitable attempts to qualify this answer, no, gardens that receive supplemental irrigation are not part of the answer, and I have no interest at all in hearing about how “drought tolerant” (or, to use the current buzzword, “xeric”) the plants are in such a garden.  Who on earth would seriously care about reports on drought tolerance in a watered garden?

And no, I don’t really feel like hearing about rain barrels and water catchment systems and sustainability and “improving” the soil and fertilizers and  mulches and what an awful, awful, awful person I am for saying these aren’t answers.You don’t catch a whole lot of rain when you get .7 of an inch in six months.

Plants are the answer. The right plants, for the right climates.

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