hopefully blue

Hoping, just because it’d be cool to say I have one (two, actually), that this is the Mexican Blue Oak, Quercus oblongifolia. Yes, the folia is not quite oblongi, but according to Flora of North America, the leaf apex can be acute, and as is evident they are pretty pointy.

Both plants remained evergreen through this past asinine winter (Q. grisea did not, but still lives), which I take as a good sign.

This plant is in the front garden, in a special cage to protect it from rabbits, who will eat anything. The front garden is never watered, no matter what, the exception being the little plants that are added from time to time. Otherwise their roots never have a chance to work themselves into the hard clay soil. Q. oblongifolia being a monsoonal species, I wonder what it will make of the anything-but-monsoonal conditions of the garden here.

Maybe it can adapt. Maybe it will like relatively wet springs (though, not this year) and summers and autumn more like the Atacama Desert than North America (last year, from mid-July to the end of December, less than seven-tenths of an inch of precipitation….which suits me just fine) and just be happy. Or at least not miserable.

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