something for a rainy day

It rained.  No thunder to scare the dog, no hail, no snow, just rain.

After the soggy morning walk was over, I had the bright idea of trying to take some pictures, since gardening seemed like a dumb, wet thing to do. One hand to hold the camera and one hand to hold the umbrella was impossible, so I balanced the umbrella on my head, wearing it like a lampshade, walked out into the front yard, made sure that no one was looking, and clicked away.

Silvery-gray leaves don’t look their silvery-grayest in weather like this, but here is the silverberry, Elaeagnus commutata.

And another berry, the wolfberry, Lycium pallidum. Related to the goji. This native is drought-deciduous, and has lost its leaves every summer but one (last year), since the turn of the century. The flowers are green, turning paler as they age. Eventually the shrub will be festooned with pea-sized tomatoes, which disappear a day or so after whoever eats them notices them.

Both shrubs are horrific spreaders underground, but glacially slow compared to smooth brome.

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