buffalograss update

The ‘Cody’ buffalograss next door. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself, since I planted it. I had some extra plugs, asked my neighbor if she wanted a buffalograss lawn instead of a huge patch of weeds, and she said yes.

This is the result two years later. I paid for the plugs since I wanted to demonstrate what buffalograss could really do. You can see some of the plugs but these should fill in completely by the end of this year. There are still quite a few weeds but these could be pulled by hand, if the quality of help my neighbor got was worth anything. Maybe I should find someone besides me to do the weeding.

I suggested the lawn be mowed, and watered a little (the regulation fifteen minutes) since some areas were showing signs of going dormant. That night we got 1.75 inches of rain in about 45 minutes, so the way I see it, the watering didn’t count, and I can still say the lawn hasn’t been watered yet this year.

In any case, the deep creek-bottom loam probably helps the grass a lot. (The water table is several feet down, at least.) Last year, and so far this year, the grass has only been watered when it shows signs of going dormant. I figure, reasonably, that it might need to be watered twice before the first of October. (Should I say that again?)

This picture makes me think of the trips, the very long, hot trips, we used to make down to the state fair in Pueblo, and how I would stop at every corn dog stand on the fairgrounds. I think my record was nine.

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  1. paridevita says:

    It’s probably worth mentioning that the soil here is non-alkaline, and the elevation is 5600 feet. Buffalograss isn’t recommended above about 6000 feet.

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