the ultimate lawnmower

Okay, I’m probably just a sap for stuff like this. I am getting rid of this strip of grass, replacing it with ‘Hachita’ blue grama, eventually, but meanwhile, it needs to be mowed.

This is the ultimate, sustainable lawnmower, size extra-compact. Fuels itself as it mows. Noiseless.

Like at Findhorn (if you saw the movie My Dinner With Andre), we have an understanding. You mow the nice, healthy grass, and I’ll raise no objections. For some of the things you really like, but I want too, I’ll put cages around them even if human visitors find the cages gross. Or sprinkle the area with Plantskydd so you get the message.

In the buffalograss next door, I found that, when the lawn was just plugs, the more the plugs got mowed in this way, the more the grass sent out runners. Just like nature intended.

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2 Responses to the ultimate lawnmower

  1. My Dinner With André is one of my favourites. I think of it every time I am at a restaurant with friends and look around and it is empty. I find that none of them ever get the reference when I mention it.

    • paridevita says:

      I used to take a vacation first or second week of January, to sit at home and enjoy the nice weather. (Seriously; it was usually 50-60F every day.) And on one night during that vacation I would sit here, right where I’m sitting now, and watch My Dinner With Andre, accompanied by lots of red wine. Other obligatory movies were Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, My Uncle, and sometimes Playtime. Haven’t seen any of those in quite a while.

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