the empty space, day two

Note the progress made in converting the empty space into more garden.


The young Yucca faxoniana has to be moved (to where, I don’t know) because a ten-foot tall yucca with six-foot long daggers for leaves might be a bad idea on the corner of the driveway and sidewalk, and of course, if I think it will grow more slowly, it’ll be that height in two years, and then I’ll need a backhoe.

Some activity has taken place here, believe it or not. Having dirt three inches above the level of the driveway is just asking for trouble, so I shoveled a little. I might shovel some more tomorrow, or just think about shoveling. I need to order more gravel, for mulch, and I’m thinking about that, and the joy of moving a yard of gravel in a wheelbarrow with a flat tire.

There’s a reason why I call this dirt instead of soil.

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