the day after

Nothing happened yesterday. No firecrackers at all. I didn’t have to spend hours comforting a terrified border collie, or peering outside to see if the garden, or, worse, the field behind the garden had caught on fire.

The empty space on the fourth day. A slight change has been made in the elevation of the dirt. Visitors from “back east” make fun of my dirt. I’ll show them, huh.

I have plants for the space, now. There is a purple-padded opuntia, ‘Coombe’s Winter Glow’, lying on its side in another part of the front yard, and I have this feeling it would rather be upright, and take over most of this space. And Timberline Gardens has a 20 percent sale on nursery stock, so the rest was easy.

Two big Agave parryi “Salman No.2”, and one small “No.1”. My glorious front lawn is evident, too.

It’s 85 degrees and 33 percent humidity, so I’m staying inside and taking a nap.

Meanwhile, Lycium pallidum, pale desert-thorn or wolfberry, is in fruit. The birds have taken most of the “tomatillos” (this is in the same family, Solanaceae, but not the same plant as the tomatillos used for green chile and salsa). This shrub is drought-deciduous, but apparently got some extra water from the downspout this year.

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  1. I am so jealous of your Lycium, you bum! I don’t know why–it’s kinda rangy and just strange…but I don’t have it! Love your dirt (while it lasts): you snagged some great swag.Too long no visit!

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