yeah but ….

Stachys coccinea. Just started blooming here. It’s not even reliably hardy, though two plants made it through last winter with no problem (granted, they were under snow for what seemed like five years); it’s an incredible water hog (getting water this year as spillover from the newly seeded lawn….getting rain too, in the last couple of days); and, to tell the truth, I think it’s a fairly unattractive plant, what with those minty-green leaves and fake-looking red flowers (Stachys albotomentosa is much more attractive and even less hardy), but hummingbirds love it.

In fact no sooner had I planted these, last year or the year before, than a hummingbird was at the flowers. I can see the plants from the kitchen table, where I’m sitting right now, and on those days (Monday through Sunday) when I don’t feel like working out in the garden, I can sit and watch the show.

Update: I replaced the previous picture with a “better” one.

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  1. I have one (“Hidalgo’) in a pot, wintered over in cold greenhouse, whose leaves smell just like &-up, to the point of smelling fizzy. “7-Up Plant”

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