the first cyclamen

Wandering around the garden aimlessly, as usual, I noticed the first flowers on Cyclamen purpurascens, a form described as “extra fancy” (for the leaves, not in evidence right now), which I got from the now-defunct Seneca Hill Nursery (sigh).

And a tattered flower on Cyclamen fatrense, which opened a couple of days ago. I grew this from Czech seed ages ago (growing cyclamen from seed is pretty easy). Most botanists consider this to be regular C. purpurascens, though the leaves, which are said to be always plain in fatrense, emerge much earlier than those of the “extra fancy” shown above. The leaves are visible in the lower right corner and on the left; the leaves in the center are those of the gesneriad, Haberlea¬†fernandi-coburgii.

The cyclamen leaf in the upper left is from a separate plant, sown by ants.

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