the last empty space

It isn’t quite the last empty space, but the other two spaces are the corners of the back yard, where wood and branches and dead plants are piled, and there might be spiders there, so I pretend those places don’t exist.

I posted a picture of this back in June, when it was filled with junk after the fence was put up, and now it’s all raked clean and ready for planting. The required implement is in the picture, too. What fun.

This is the first thing people see when they come through the gate; it used to be part of the North Border, which is mostly horrible alkaline subsoil trucked in from hell when the neighborhood was built and the excellent creek bottom loam was scraped off, never to be seen again. The actual subsoil is reddish, like Red Rocks a couple of miles to the west, probably decomposed sandstone, and reasonably easy to dig in even when dry ….but you have to dig to get to that.

Not only is the soil awful, it’s been hard packed by dog paws, since the chain link fence offered a good view of whatever border collies think is a good view, and years of running down the gravel path have turned this into a conglomerate of hard packed awful soil and pea gravel.

My garden staff is nowhere in sight, the dog is no use at all (he expects me to cut a hole in the fence so he can see through), and soil, no matter how awful, doesn’t dig itself.

Time to get to work on this. After my nap, of course.


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