for shame

I went to a box store and bought four Russian sages. I never do things like this, but they’re for the gardens across the street and next door, they were on sale, and I didn’t feel like spending much money on them.

just to prove I really did this

I feel slightly guilty about doing this, since this hardly supports local nurseries, but in exchange for my shameful act, I can report that it was no fun at all. Like the difference between eating instant noodles and going to a good pho place. Utterly joyless. I felt like a robot. A joyless robot, no less. Are-these-Russian-sages-on-sale-and-how-much-are-they. That’s-a-good-price. It-does-compute. I-like-them-they-make-a-dramatic-statement-with-their-form-and-texture-and-winter-interest. They-are-not-for-me-though. Eep. End-of-transmission.

As far as the sages are concerned, yes, they’re overused in landscapes here, but they will grow without any supplemental irrigation, and these are very low-maintenance gardens. (I do it, so I might as well be honest and say they’re no-maintenance gardens.) Not only that, the goldfinches love them.

I planted two of them, dug up a Cistus crispus that had been trampled by house painters next door; the cistus will go in my garden.

That’s what I get in trade.

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4 Responses to for shame

  1. Donna A. says:

    What are you going to do with the Earthgro manureblend bags?

    • paridevita says:

      I used those as a mulch for the last of the Cody buffalograss seed next door. Tried straw, but it blows away ….duh….and tried StrawNet, but I think I put this on too thickly and the seed rotted, so I resorted to cheap poop.
      There’s no point in cultivating the soil there because of the ten trillion weed seeds per square inch, and this is by far the easiest way to do it. Sprinkle the seed on the water, water it, cover it with cheap poop, water that ….then make a sign to remind my neighbor to water. (The Stock Seed Farms website says once a day for a week, then every other day for a week, etc.)


  2. I hear you and feel the same way whenever I buy a plant or two or three from Home Depot. I don’t go out of my way to shop there, but it is next door to Costco, and sometimes they have maybe one good sort of plant at a price that is irresistible. And I think they have conservative politics (the owners of the big box, not the plants!) so then I feel even worse.

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