counting cyclamen

Cyclamen leaves appearing after the rain. I took pictures of every “cyclameneous incident” I could find, thought that would be boring to everyone but me (like most things), and decided to show only a sampling. Most of these are Cyclamen coum, and all of those were sown by ants.

This is a self sown C. cilicium, I think.

Cyclamen mirabile. I grew these from seed of the Tilebarn Series.

Cyclamen hederifolium, extra fancy leaves, from Seneca Hill Nursery.

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6 Responses to counting cyclamen

  1. Not too many at all. I made a note of Cyclamen hederifolium: exquisite. Must acquire.

    • paridevita says:

      Lots of nurseries in the PNW to take care of that. Hansen Nursery, don’t know if they sell in person, but mail order. Wild Ginger Farm. And so forth. Reasonable prices. You can also grow them from seed pretty easily. If not fresh seed, sow in pots, cover with baggie left over at the top but folded over, set in a completely dark place until the seeds germinate, in a month or maybe less. Then the cyclamen can be grown on, doesn’t matter if the stems elongate, as house plants until the summer after that, when they can be planted. Don’t kill your ants; they collect and spread cyclamen all over the garden. Process is called myrmecochory. Also happens with snowdrops, crocus, etc. Ants are attracted to the sticky, sweet elaiosome surrounding the seed.

  2. We are kind to ants. Thanks for the wealth of useful info.

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