All this week I was planning to go to the fall plant sale at Denver Botanic Gardens today, but I stayed home instead. I had a sudden revelation that I have no self-control at all when confronted with plants for sale, and might have come home with a dozen trees. Missing a plant sale was slightly traumatic, but I got over it when some bulbs came in the mail.

Here are three corms of Crocus jessoppiae.

note the “curiously coarse parallel fibres of the corm tunic” (Bowles)….the one on the far right has lost part of its tunic, but that won’t hurt it.

Bowles wrote “C. Jessoppiae is a name I have attached provisionally to a remarkable though small species that appeared among some seedlings and off-sets I gave to my neighbor Miss Jessopp.

The flowers are somewhat similar to those of C. pestalozzae , but are larger with stronger blue markings at the base of the outer segments.”

I’ve grown Crocus pestalozzae, and it’s so tiny that it may still be in the garden, and I haven’t noticed it. So “larger” isn’t saying much at all.

Speaking of tiny things, I also came across Leucojum (or Acis) autumnale in flower today. I was beginning to wonder where it had gone. I always blame rodents for the sudden disappearance of bulbs, but my trowel has done in more than its share of them, too.

I know this is out of focus….

I planted a few bulbs; came across some tiny leaves emerging from the soil, and for once didn’t dig up the tuber by mistake.

new leaves on Cyclamen graecum

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