random images 2, one poem

This Is Why You Were Born

go we send you
out to go
go in to
go deep
we send you to
go far
go to absorb
the sickness
the rising temperature
arteries choked with waste
body spewing foul odors
body turned upon itself but
stubborn life beating still
a great will to live
the will of life to persist
pitted against the disease that,
devouring the body,
devours even itself
and only continues by growing
go within to return
wind to the steppes
health to the child.
go out to bring back
bring back shaking fringe
bring back jasper eyes
bring back bee medicine

return with tail feathers
return with a new horse song.
return with songs to
praise our horses.
spring to the taiga
herds to the summerplace.
go to
bring back blue spores
fiddleheads, peony flowers,
and cow parsley umbels.
bring back cloudberries
bring back stinging nettles
winter dog roses, rosehips
bearberries, dark purple iris
hawk-bone whistles
willow flutes
the bloom of grasses,
marten furs to our beds.

go in order to return
carrying the sun
crowned with crescent moon
wise with illness
hands covered with
body rich with pollen
this is why you were born

go to come back
singing a new song
bring us gifts and
stories of the vistas of
invisible cities

this is why you were born

(Pictures and poem by Cindy.)

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  1. Diana says:

    I will have to come back to this again and again. The poem, the pictures….Cindy.

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