random images 3 and a lot of rocks

More pictures by Cindy. I’ve never seen the majority of these. This will be the last post featuring her pictures, at least for now.

At the bottom of the post are a lot of images of Paeonia suffruticosa var. rockii (to use Halda’s name for it); this was her favorite plant in the garden. She took more pictures of this plant even than she did of the dogs. She saw plants in a very different way; the eye of the artist.


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10 Responses to random images 3 and a lot of rocks

  1. melanie says:

    Beautiful images. I can see why she loves the Peonies.

  2. Astra says:

    She really did have a wonderful eye. Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Lucie K. says:

    Her compositions are brilliant. These should be exhibited, or published, or both. Would she have wanted that?

    • paridevita says:

      Thanks everyone.
      Technically the pictures are published, right here. There would have been a great deal of complaining about me posting pictures that are not one hundred percent perfect, that there are better ones than the ones I posted (like I can tell), and that I published her poetry at all, without asking.


  4. What breathtaking images. I have grown all the plants (except the Peony–drats!)…seeing them here makes me feel as though I have never seen them before. Her photography approaches the sublimity of her painting. Thank you, Bob, for posting these!

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  6. I feel all wrapped up in that peony.

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