it’s all about me

I don’t like having my picture taken. I don’t like being squirted with that stupid squirt gun. You’re a really, really mean person. I don’t like the plastic thing you put over the birdseed deal. The birdseed is for me. Birds are dirty and make a lot of noise. And poop all over the place; do you really like that? I slid down the metal thing this morning, hit the plastic, and fell right on the ground. Could have hurt myself. All your fault.

And the suet. Why is it in a cage? It’s just a bunch of grease and stuff, which I like, so why put it in a cage? Look what the flickers do. Grease everywhere. I wouldn’t do that. I’d just eat it all, then wait for more.

What’s wrong with me chewing the plastic top on the thing that holds sunflower seeds? I eat sunflower seeds, take the top off so I don’t have to eat plastic.

And those cages around the little iris. I can’t get at them with the cages there. So what if the iris cost you a lot of money? No one cares but you. They’re good, you should try one some time, then maybe you wouldn’t be such a jerk all the time.

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  1. Michele says:

    I finally found your blog! Thanks for the much needed laugh at your squirrells expense! I missed seeing you this year at harleqins this year!

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