they came from hell ….

and are now in my garden.

They came in many guises. Some looked like old friends. Others were new, but I couldn’t imagine them doing what they did. They refuse to die. Try to kill one, and thousands take their place.

Some came as “charming, old-fashioned, heirloom herbs”;

or pretending to be ordinary garden bulbs;

six million per square yard

or innocent hitchhikers on a lonely road;

or “rare and choice” rock garden plants;

go ahead, pull me out


or as “an unusual maple that no one else grows”

trying to cut this down, before it leaves a billion seedlings in my garden

these are the Children of the Night, the plants from hell, whose names I dare not speak.

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6 Responses to they came from hell ….

  1. Loree says:

    You’re going for a complete Halloween fright theme aren’t you? Doing quite well too…

  2. I want Kit Kats! And, for Gawd’s sake, Bobby, there is nothing dangerous about uttering the words “Violet”, “Catmint”, “Feverfewwwef*\ea;cj/ch Ack! I ac;cn nap I think I’m having a heart attack@na& psaIIOUhacv[pfaDIEfcalbiog8 flicBog….

    • paridevita says:

      Kit Kats all gone. Put them in a bag so I wouldn’t know they were there, had to eat six just to remind myself what I was doing, then gave the rest away. Whew.


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