weird scenes inside the shade garden

About five o’clock in the afternoon I finally had a thought that didn’t have anything to do with the leftover Kit Kats, and went out to gaze at the shade garden.

It’s looked the same for about ten years (an unusual phenomenon here), and has started to recover from the trampling it got when the fence was put up earlier this year. The plants are mostly hellebores, lily of the valley, cyclamen, snowdrops, Anemone nemorosa, erythroniums, epimediums, and a few other things. It doesn’t need very much water during the summer.

The reason I went out there, really, was to look at the leaves of Cyclamen hederifolium. (Visible in the picture above if you click on it to enlarge it; next to the French scare-cat.)

normal size

normal size

normal size

Everything looked okay, then I noticed this monster leaf. Almost five inches across. What’s going on here? A new monster race of giant cyclamen? Should I be concerned?

the monster

normal size

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2 Responses to weird scenes inside the shade garden

  1. paridevita says:

    “Dear Sir:
    We are most impressed with your giant cyclamen. It does truly appear that you have spawned a monster race. Once our corporate helicopter has flown over your site to determine the true size of the leaf, we may be prepared to offer you as much as $1 million US for the opportunity to propagate this gigantic creature.”

    • paridevita says:

      Dear Corporation With Plant-Finding Helicopter:
      Could you make it more like a hundred million? I kind of want to move to California, where they sleep out every night, and the only place I could find with some acreage for one million was a shack built right on top of the San Andreas Fault.


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