out of fashion, part two

Okay, there really is more stuff than I suggested yesterday. Start with another bat.

My mind wanders near the end. Like it usually does.

Into the shed for just a second.

the nest is empty

Back outside. A trespasser trying not to be seen.

The pig.

Going inside now, because it’s not so warm outside.

my understanding is that this is the first drawing Cindy did, when she was quite young

If you want to talk about collections of stuff, here’s a collection of stuff.

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3 Responses to out of fashion, part two

  1. Pam says:

    What beautiful collections. Testimonials, really. The bats remind me of the flying foxes that hang like ornaments from the mango trees in Australia.

  2. Desert Dweller says:

    That dog drawing is like being right there…talk about life-evoking!

  3. The javelina tricked me at first: wondered if they’d moved first. Love your menagerie, Bob: you are never alone!

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