setting a bad example

I woke up this morning and didn’t know if it was Sunday or Monday. I finally settled on Saturday. Imagine my surprise when I got out of bed and looked at the calendar on the wall.

Our morning walk was so exhausting, Chess pulling the leash, hoping to meet the coyote he saw day before yesterday, that I had to take a nap. This little bucolic scene greeted me a little later on.

The dog, of course, was sound asleep.
He wasn’t even the least interested when a squirrel tried to walk into the kitchen the other day.

The back yard is overrun with wildlife. I suppose if I didn’t spend so much time taking naps, and spent more time patrolling the back yard, all the cages wouldn’t be necessary. I poked a squirrel stealing birdseed out of the feeder with a bamboo stake, just to show him I could poke him if I felt like it. He grabbed the end of the stake with his teeth and tried to pull it out of my hand.

The armored suet feeder. The cake of suet slides, sort of, into hardware cloth, which then slides, again sort of, into the suet cake holder. The clip holds everything together so that miscreants don’t steal the whole suet cake.

It’s supposed to attract birds. Like this one.

This, not so much.

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7 Responses to setting a bad example

  1. Pam says:

    What a bold field mouse. I had no idea they would come out in the day and do this. Voles would, but even they wouldn’t have the balls to look straight into the camera!

    • paridevita says:

      There’s another suet feeder, empty now, attached to the underside of a railing on the patio cover, and a mouse got in the suet feeder when it was full, and stayed there for two days, eating. We wondered how it was going to get out afterwards, but it was probably so covered with suet that it just slipped out.


  2. Loree says:

    Seriously?! The squirrel grabbed the stake and fought back? That’s one bad ass squirrel. I’d be careful if I were you.

    • paridevita says:

      Probably the same one who tried to come into the kitchen, twice. Definitely the same one who won’t stop stealing seed from the feeder and got his picture taken a few days ago. He has a notch in his right ear.
      I’m considering getting a python. I’d have to bring it in for the winter, though.


  3. Pam says:

    Try a poodle instead of a python. Mine lives for glimpses and chasing of rodentia. Sadly, she has never actually captured one…but I keep hoping.

  4. I’d like to have seen that little battle with the squirrel.

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