yet another crisis

I guess I’ve resigned myself to the dog’s insistence that we get up at 5:39 a.m. so he can have breakfast. I hoped this was just an aberration, but it’s happened every day for about a week now, and even though we got up at 5:40 this morning I can’t believe this indicates a trend to waking up at an hour I would consider acceptable.

“One or two people, though maybe not as many as that” (favorite line from Oliver’s Travels) ask me how I make it through every day. Though I know it’s not meant in this way, here is my answer. Back when I was working, and we had a house payment and a car payment and all that, grinding this wonderful substance from beans was one of the few luxuries we allowed ourselves. The border collies we had then even had a “bean dance” they would perform every time the coffee was ground.

I started by digressing, but here’s another thing that keeps me going: gardening.

I’m beginning to wonder what the plants in my garden really think of me. It’s true that I’m an extremely fickle gardener, and the plants are supposed to understand that when they come into the garden, but sometimes they don’t seem to care. I posted a picture of this hideous thing a week or so ago, and it didn’t faze the plant one bit.


Pinus uncinata

The sheer ugliness of it, the long sinuous branches that seem to have no intention of growing in anything resembling a direction, its refusal to grow up instead of out and backwards, have been bothering me for several years. I can see it out the kitchen window, which makes it worse.



The pine also gets a bud worm of some sort, which makes it even uglier, though you can snap off the dead buds and a wasp will collect the larvae burrowed in the stem. Then there are all these snapped-off buds that add to the beauty.

I made a decision a few weeks ago, aided by my owning some heavy duty and extremely sharp tools I got from Hida Tool a while back that would help do the job quickly and painlessly. Faster, in fact, than a power tool. (By the time you got your power tool started, I would be done.) I won’t show the actual operation, to spare any squeamish readers, but trust me, the whole thing was done in less than ten minutes.






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4 Responses to yet another crisis

  1. maggie says:

    I live within striking distance of Hida Tool. I have limited myself to just what tools I need, but I want everything they’ve got!

    • paridevita says:

      Yep. I forgot to add a financial disclaimer, like, “not responsible if you buy everything in the catalog”. I grew up in Long Beach, in the 1950s, and things Japanese, especially gardening things, make me feel very happy. When I came across this site several years ago it took a huge amount of self control not to order everything. My favorites are the kana and nejiri weeders.


  2. Does look much better without it.

    • paridevita says:

      It does. The thing was hideous. I took out two more conifers last year, and the garden looks better. I love conifers, but these had gotten too big where they were planted.

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