below zero

It’s warming up. It was almost pleasant on our walk this morning.


this is actually a spring photo of Arctostaphylos patula, but placed here for dramatic effect

So why, why, before it warmed up, did it have to get so cold last night? “Warming up” means “getting warmer”, not getting colder first then getting warm. Stupid, stupid weather. Stupid weather. What an affront. Most of the plants I put in last year look okay right now, but they’re probably really dead. Stupid weather.

Four below zero. That’s minus 20 Celsius, but somehow, the “below zero” sounds vastly more sinister. Below zero…… “You think things are bad right now, wait until I drag the poor plants down below zero.” I might have been able to hear them screaming last night, but the dog was snoring.

One way to warm up as nature intended.


Another way.  Similar, but less work. Surprising how a large quantity of El Yucateco makes all the worries about weather go away, just like that. Weather is suddenly the last thing to think about. el_yucateco

More pictures to cheer me up. Some plants have had their pictures posted here previously, but, to paraphrase Whitman, “Do I repeat myself? Very well then; I repeat myself.”


Allium platycaule


Asclepias asperula


Mertensia lanceolata, the ultimate springtime flower in Colorado


Mentzelia decapetala, taken at night


Lewisia rediviva


Lewisia tweedyi


a seedling hellebore


delosperma ….I forget which one ….




calochortus venustus


viola pedatifida


peraphyllum ramosissimum


sempervivum, I forget which one. I wouldn’t even put a caption on this, but if I don’t, the picture goes to never-never land; I don’t know why.


escobaria vivipara


physoplexis comosa ….not too hard to see why Cindy took so many pictures of this plant


physaria, vitulifera I think; there were hybrids between it and P. bellii in the same garden


phlox ‘Mary Maslin’


pelargonium endlicherianum



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17 Responses to below zero

  1. John Weiser says:

    The soft pink escobaria vivipara is a color variant I’ve never incountered before. Very nice!! I’ve seen a couple with icy pale blue flowered indeviduals.

    • paridevita says:

      Oh, ice blue. Think I need that. I consistently underrate E. vivipara, maybe because it grows so agonizingly slowly here. Have maybe seven different ones, but mostly small plants from Mesa G.I’m getting more this year, though.

  2. Cliff Booker says:

    Some incredible gems there, Bob … and beautifully photographed of course.

    • paridevita says:

      I regret to say that some are no longer here. Lewisia tweedyi got pittosporum pit scale, from penstemons, and I had to remove it, and for some reason haven’t acquired another one. The viola is one I tried from seed repeatedly, and then one year, seedlings appeared in the troughs, right where I wanted them.
      The physoplexis is still here, though one of the dogs wiped out the oldest plant when he stood on the trough containing them, so he could look over the fence. A well-known European rock gardener visited a while back, looked at it, and said “Is veed”.
      That’s what I say to everything now. Is veed.

  3. The Delo is Delosperma dyeri. The white Viola is to die for. More! MORE! I’m STILL not satisfied!

  4. This cold is killing me, but at least I’m not in NM where I think it’s at least as cold. Here I can handle it…and your promise-to-come photos warm me up.

    • paridevita says:

      The El Yucateco is for warming up. Endorphins and all that.
      I do find that the older I get, the less my knees and other arthritic parts enjoy the cold. Tucson sounds nice. I notice they got more rain last year than I did here, though that’s not saying much.
      On the other hand, if you can’t complain, what fun would gardening be? 50s here today.

  5. Peter says:

    Serious plant porn here. I love learning about new (to me) plants & this post had several for me to explore further! Incredible photography! I utilize a similar weather worry therapy but substitute vodka for the El Yucateco.

  6. Jessica Grice says:

    Do you still have the Phlox ‘Mary Maslin’? I’ve been trying to find it everywhere

    • paridevita says:

      I do. It doesn’t set seed. (It set one seed one time and I reached to grab it and it flew into the air.)
      You can’t get any of the Mexican phlox anywhere, as far as I know.

  7. Jessica Grice says:

    Will do!

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