le jardin exotique

Might as well share my boredom. It’s supposed to snow again tonight. You would think that one snowfall would be sufficient for me to get the message. Winter in Denver can be pretty boring.
I tried to dig up the Rock’s tree peony today and may have made an error in judgment, the consequences of which will be evident tomorrow morning when I try to get out of bed. The thing has roots four inches thick that go down to its ancestral home. It has to go, otherwise it will be fried again this summer, and I think it will react negatively to being in what has now become a very hot part of the garden.

Some movies.

Astute noticers will see, near the end of the first movie, that my ‘Baby Rita’ is not doing so well. Strangely, she was totally flat on the ground after the first cold spell, then rose up, as if to reach for the sun. Winter hardy opuntias are supposed to lie more or less flat on the ground. It’s kind of unsettling.

Some of the plants here have become too big for their britches and are being moved to other places in the garden. I feel a desperate need to populate this garden with marginally-hardy succulents whose inevitable death I can mourn for years.

L’heure bleue:

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