Fritillaria raddeana making an extremely ill-advised move. Forming buds already. It’s supposed to snow this weekend, and get down to some ridiculous temperature like 10.


Crocus biflorus adami. The existence of such things in my garden are very important to me, and they’re being eaten to the ground left and right. Some of the crocuses were not cheap, so something has to be done.


The source of my annoyance is here.

Yes, cute, and lining a burrow with grass to make it all cozy is cute, too.


I filled in the burrow, feeling like a creep; another burrow appeared within minutes. I filled that in and baited the two Havahart traps. We’ll see who wins this fight. (I bet it won’t be me.)

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6 Responses to spring

  1. Desert Dweller/David C. says:

    And even Abq gets to partake…suddenly the forecast here is highs in the 45-50F range, lows 23-28F. Our weather can exaggerate, as the forecasters really lack excitement here, so who knows? I have a Penstemon parryi about to bloom!

    • paridevita says:

      Yeah, Arizona is sounding better and better. Border collies hate hot weather, and I’m addicted to them, so I guess I’m stuck here. We probably won’t have hot weather until August.

  2. Pam says:

    March, not April, is the cruelest month…this year!

  3. Thank goodness I do not have rabbits. Just three deer waiting for me to leave the gate open.

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