last day of winter

Viburnum farreri, at last.


My back hurts, my sciatica has flared up again, my fingers hurt; all in all a very good day.

I had a yard and a half of pea gravel delivered today. (Twice as much as I needed, of course.) As I was waiting for the delivery truck, I dug in the dirt in the front bed to make it easier to dig gravel into the top layer. I found this.


Not giant ramen noodles, but a huge piece of carpet buried next to the foundation when the house was built. I dug and dug, but it was such a large piece I realized I’d be digging for hours, if not days.

The area in the lower right hand corner has Zauschneria ‘Solidarity Pink’ which I don’t feel like moving. The desert bird-of-paradise had to be moved, and watered. It might not like the move.


(It’s true that the manzanitas make it difficult to negotiate the front walk, and the front porch too, but I can’t help that. Visitors should try not to trip over them.)

All done. At least this part of the operation. What a masterpiece of design.


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2 Responses to last day of winter

  1. Loree says:

    So are some of your new plants (from the DBG cactus sale) going to be planted here?

    • paridevita says:

      In theory. That’s what I was thinking, sort of, when I grabbed all the cactus at the sale. Of course I was imagining the new bed to look completely different from the way it does now.
      There’s way too much gravel, and unless some dirt is dug in, the plants will die within months. Pea gravel by itself can look pretty awful, so I plan to add some larger gravel, and maybe some rock, or stone as they call it around here. That would add about $600 to the project …..
      I’m torn. If I just put the plants there, it’ll look ridiculous for years. A bunch of gravel and little tiny cactus stuck in it. A change away from stupid-looking might be refreshing.

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