baby’s new spines

Mammillaria wrightii with brand new spines.


Echinocereus coccineus seedlings starting to grow areoles.


A slight miscalculation of the percentage of dudleya seeds that might germinate. I thought I’d get maybe ten seedlings. This is Dudleya cymosa.


Last, but not least, Maihuenia patagonica germinating a couple of days after an overnight soak in a GA-3 solution. After about twenty years trying to get seed of this highly desirable plant to germinate, I’m now completely sold on using GA-3.



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3 Responses to baby’s new spines

  1. Susan ITPH says:

    I was going to try Gib dibs myself since Alplains recommended them so highly. I have to say, that when he recommends GA3 followed by a cold period, it is intimidating. Contemplating buying a mini-fridge off the local college kids for the purpose.

    • paridevita says:

      For seeds like penstemons for which GA-3 is recommended, I just treat them overnight the way suggested on the Alplains website and then put the pots outside. All they need is the requisite number of hours at about 40F to break down the abscisic acid, so it just takes longer and you have to remember not to let the pots dry out (my biggest problem).
      Cactus seeds just go under lights. I’m stunned at what happened to Maihuenia patagonica. I’ve tried that for 15-20 years, outdoors, and now this. Up in two days.

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